Choose the right answer.

______________________ may be a peaceful and quiet activity but your imagination can travel miles while your are doing it


______________________ by the sea is very relaxing, especially if the beach is not crowded. You can also read or do some crosswords while you are at it. In any case, don’t forget your sunscreen!


Many people like  ______________________ because it’s fun and also helps you stay fit. Some people even take professional lesson to learn the proper moves


______________________ is a very rewarding activity. You have fun, you learn new skills and you end up with something delicious to share with your friends and family


______________________ is everyone’s favorite activity. Whether you go on a day trip or visit the four corners of the world, it’s always exciting


______________________ is a strategy game, perhaps the most popular one. Your goal is to kill your opponent’s king


______________________ was originated in India but it’s widespread nowadays. Not only is it good for you body but also for your mind and soul


______________________ has become quite trendy in recent years. Many people start with just scarves or soft hats but you can even make sweaters if you build up your skills


Many people like  ______________________, even though it can too addictive. You do it in casinos, like the ones in Las Vegas


Poker is the most popular ______________________


If you like cooking, all odds are you also like  ______________________. For many people, trying new plates and discovering exciting new flavors is a perfect weekend plan


Many countries claim to have invented  ______________________, which is a mini version of football, or soccer like the say in the USA


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