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idioms#parecidos en español

El inglés y el español comparten más cosas de lo que a primera vista pudiera parecer. Aunque son idiomas distintos, ambos tienen mucho de latín.

Los idioms son dichos populares, intrínsecos y exclusivos de la cultura que los habla. Sin embargo, hay dichos que tanto en español como en inglés vienen directamente de La Biblia y, por tanto, son prácticamente idénticos. Otros, son préstamos que ha hecho el español de conceptos desarrollados por angloparlantes.

Aunque estos idioms son casi un calco en ambos idiomas, te recomiendo aprender su sentido y uso en inglés.

 Put two and two together

Draw a conclusion from something that is evident.

enespañol# Sumar dos y dos

After his thorough explanation, everybody was able to put two and two together and make a judgement

 Lose the thread

Get lost in a conversation or forget what you were about to say.

enespañol# Perder el hilo

I totally forgot what I was about to say. I am sorry, I lost the thread

 Learning curve

The rate at which somebody learns.

enespañol# Curva de aprendizaje

English has an easier learning curve than Chinese

 Get the message

Understand the main idea of something.

enespañol# Captar el mensaje

Aren´t you getting the message? She wants you to leave now

 Walking encyclopedia

Said of somebody who knows it all.

enespañol# Enciclopedia con patas

My cousin is a walking encyclopedia. She knows more than Google

 Weigh your words

Choose carefully how to say something.

enespañol# Medir tus palabras

My in-laws are extremely religious. Please, weigh your words before talking to them

 At a stone´s throw

Near, a very short distance.

enespañol# A tiro de piedra

We don´t need a ride, thanks. The pub is at a stone´s throw

 Rest on one´s laurels

To rely on past achievements instead of continue working, to stop trying.

enespañol# Dormirse en los laureles

In business, it is of uttermost importance not to rest on your laurels. Otherwise, competitors will outrun you easily

 You reap what you sow

We all have to face the consequences of our actions.

enespañol# Se recoge lo que se siembra

If you are mean to others, you won’t have any friends, son. Remember that you reap what you sow

 A picture is worth a thousand words

A complex idea can be better explained with an image.

enespañol# Una imagen vale más que mil palabras

It took a horrible photo for the world to acknowledge the refugee crisis. As always, a picture is worth a thousand words

 To be all ears

To be ready to pay full attention to somebody.

enespañol# Ser todo oídos

Just let me focus on this, I’ll be all ears once I have finished 



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